Impeccably Clean Is Our Standard.

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Jay Reinholz is the founder and owner of Reinholz Professional Cleaning Services. Since Jay was a young child, he enjoyed keeping his living space and personal items clean and organized.  He still carries this characteristic with him today!  After 20 years of directing, managing, and operating in a service based industry, Jay is expanding his professional career into cleaning services with the highest standards.  Anyone that personally knows him can attest to the fact that his cars, home and business spaces are always impeccably clean!  

Jay is married to his best friend, Madalyn, who co-owns and operates an upscale, all natural salon in Brecksville, Ohio. Together, they are raising two beautiful girls who have a passion for gymnastics.

There is never a day where I cut corners on any cleaning.  It’s always done impeccably, which is my only standard. 
— Jay Reinholz

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